BAIT 509

BAIT509 - Business Applications of Machine Learning is a course offered by UBC's Sauder School of Business for their Master of Business Analytics program

Data Visualization

An online programming course that teaches how to understand effective data visualizations and perform exploratory data analysis using Altair in Python.

Introduction to Machine Learning

An online programming course that introduces the topic of supervised machine learning for prediction focusing on regression and classification models. This course teaches how to map data to the correct model type, evaluate and select models, as well as communicate and interpret model results.

Programing in Python for Data Science

An online programming course that teaches the fundamentals of programming in Python, with a particular focus on Data Science related skills including how to clean, filter, arrange, aggregate and transform data using Pandas, Numpy and Altair.

A Post About Importing Data into Python and R, Post Being in Postgres

How to bring in a Postgres database into a Python or R workspace.